Steel Cap Boots

Steel Cap Boots

If you think that sturdy rugged footwear with tough steel toes and other safety features don’t exist for women, then you would be very wrong. Steel cap boots are not just for men, and the women who work in the safety industry are happy that the shoes are available for them in a wide variety of styles, colors and construction.

For years, women who worked in the safety industry had to purchase men’s work boots in styles that were one and a half to two sizes smaller. Sure, the boots fit but didn’t accommodate a woman’s general foot shape and anatomy in the same way. Times have certainly changed, and women’s work boots today fill the bill.

Steel cap footwear has been designed specifically for the wearer’s protection of their toes and feet and consists of a steel toe or cap built into the boot. When steel cap boots are manufactured, their construction must abide by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) safety standards.

Some people think that a composite toe is exactly the same as the steel toe for footwear, but there is a difference. The composite is designed for protection but is made of a non-metallic and non-magnetic safety toe cap. It is also lighter in weight and easier to move about for those who do a lot of walking at work and must pass through metal detectors, etc.

Steel cap boots are heavier than their composite cousin boots, but footwear experts say this kind of shoe offers the ultimate protection on the job at a work environment.

For example, foot hazards could occur both inside and outside involving falling or rolling objects. These would include things like boxes, materials, carts and equipment. Sharp tools or other objects could also fall onto an employee. Special steel cap boots would be required for on the job sites where wet, slippery surfaces develop from spills or bad weather. There is also electrical shock to consider as well as hot and cold surfaces and environments in paving, welding, snow, ice and/or refrigeration.

The steel cap boots offer excellent protection from those kinds of situations and are built to last and comfortable to wear with cushioned insoles. Women can also choose these handsome leather boots in soft, feminine colors like pink, yellow, camel, olive, gray and other fashionable hues.

To ensure that you have purchased an authentic pair of women’s steel cap boots, just look for the ASTM foot protection label either stamped or stitched into the boot. You would find the label usually present on the surface of the shoe’s tongue.

Women work just as hard as any man and often in hazardous work environments; the steel cap makes an amazing difference in her boots on the job.

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