5 Types of Footwear That Every Man Should Own

5 Types of Footwear That Every Man Should Own

From practical to fun choices, every man should have footwear that’s right for the occasion. Fortunately, it isn’t that difficult to find the right choices if you know where to look. If you are not sure what sort of men’s shoes and boots should be part of your wardrobe, here are some examples to keep in mind.

Casual Shoes

Something that you can wear for things like hanging out with friends or running errands is an essential item for your wardrobe. Men’s shoes like loafers or some sort of slip-on in leather are great choices. They will work well with jeans, shorts, and any other casual clothing you choose to wear. Since you can get casual shoes for men in all sorts of colours, it will be easy to find one or two pair that work with all your everyday clothing.

Workout Footwear

Something for the gym or fitness centre is also a must. Ideally, the men’s shoes you select will provide a snug fit, allow the feet to breathe, and have the type of arch support you need to keep with the workout routine. Athletic shoes that lace up will be your best bet. That gives you the option of adjusting the fit slightly so it’s snug but not enough to be uncomfortable.

Make sure the Brand House Direct Men’s Shoes you purchase for workouts include a reasonable amount of room in the toe box. That will come in handy while you are walking or running. It will also allow you to enjoy better balance while you lift weights. For men who work out using a combination of martial arts, the right workout shoes will help you get the most out of each class.

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Something for the Office

You definitely need the right type of men’s shoes for the workplace. Those who work in offices normally need to follow a strict dress code. Dress shoes made of materials like leather are a great choice. Opt for something in basic black since it will usually go with most of your more conservative suits. Depending on the requirements of your dress code, lace-up styles may be better than some type of slip-on. Remember to have at least two pairs that you can rotate use from day to day.

Boots for the Great Outdoors

You definitely need at least one pair of men’s shoes for outdoor activities. When you enjoy wilderness camping or like to hike, a pair of boots that provide plenty of traction, protect the feet from rain, and are comfortable enough to wear for long periods should be at the top of your list. Choose a pair based on durability, comfort, and support. You may find that having one pair for hiking and another pair for other outdoor activities like horseback riding would be a good idea.

Sandals for Warm Weather

No selection of men’s shoes is complete without having one pair of sandals. During warm weather, the sandals can be worn instead of your casual shoes. They are also a great choice for the beach, the river, or other destinations where you will spend a lot of time outside. Always make sure the sandals chosen feel comfortable, protect the bottoms of your feet, and remain firmly in place. Nothing is quite as frustrating as a pair of sandals that keep slipping out of place.

There are other types of men’s shoes that you may want to include, such as golfing shoes or a pair of slippers to wear around the house. Identify what you need to add to the wardrobe and spend a little time comparing brands and features online. It won’t take long to find exactly what you want.

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